Thursday, September 4, 2014

Dragonflies in Taiwan

Just as it has an incredible number of avian and lepidopteran species for its size, Taiwan also has a stunning array of dragonflies. Around 145 species have been recorded on the island, including one previously unidentified dragonfly which earlier this year was given the  scientific name Sarasaeschna chiangchinlii in honour of Chiang Chin-li, a wildlife photographer who helped make the discovery. Its English name is Hook-tailed Bog-hawker.

The link above goes to The Dragonflies of Taiwan, a Chinese-language blog with stunning photos of almost 160 local dragonfly and damselfly species, conveniently organised by family and including scientific names. Of them, 26 are classed as endemics. Despite the quality of the images, I haven't been able to identify the dragonfly in the image above, which I spotted a couple of years ago by a creek in Maokong (貓空), part of Taipei best explored by taking the Maokong Gondola and then doing some short hikes.

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  1. It's a mayfly, not dragonfly. Probably Euphaea formosa Hagen, cf.