Monday, June 12, 2017

Fresh Facts IX: Taiwanese Living Longer

Life expectancy in Taiwan climbed to 80.2 years in 2015, up from 79.84 years in 2014, according to government statistics. The life expectancy of Taiwanese males averaged 77.01, while that of females reached 83.62. While life expectancy for Taiwanese men is slightly lower than that in Europe's most advanced nations, the average lifespan of Taiwanese women is three years higher than that of women in the US, and very similar to that of Canadian, British, German and French women. Longevity in Taiwan is lower than in Japan, South Korea and Singapore, but higher than in China or Malaysia. Probably because the inhabitants are better educated, have access to better medical facilities, and are more likely to do moderate exercise (walking to/from MRT and bus stops rather than riding motorcycles everywhere), Taipei records the highest life expectancy of any city or county in Taiwan. 

According to the CIA's World Factbook, the infant mortality rate in Taiwan is lower than in the US and New Zealand, and almost identical to the rate in Australia and the UK. While very few people travel to Taiwan specifically to give birth, these figures should give confidence to potential medical tourists.    

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