Sunday, July 5, 2009

North Cross-Island Highway

Taiwan used to have three cross-island highways - north, central and south. The central road has been closed to non-locals since the 1999 earthquake, while the southern road has not reopened since 2009's Typhoon Morakot. Driving across the North Cross-Island Highway in good weather is always worthwhile, however, even if you lack the time to linger at Cihu Sculpture Memorial Park. The stretch between Fuxing and Baling is sometimes very busy because cars and tour buses head up to Lalashan for the peach season. East of Baling, however, the road is superbly scenic and almost totally free of traffic.

The North Cross-Island Highway links Daxi (a small town worth an hour or two) near Taoyuan with Yilan in the northeast. The photo here shows the view from Fuxing Youth Activity Centre's coffeeshop.

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