Tuesday, December 22, 2009

One for industrial archaeologists

Zhumen Hydroelectric Power Station (竹門發電廠), near the Kaohsiung town of Meinong, has been producing electricity for 100 years.

These days it's better known for its Baroque cathedral-like architecture than the amount of energy it contributes to the national grid (about as much as a single wind turbine, in fact). It's another of those strange places - there are several in Taiwan - that leaflets and websites describe as a tourist attraction, but when you get there it isn't at all clear if the place is normally open to the public. Anyway, nobody stopped me from wandering around the grounds and taking photos inside. There's an even better example of this kind of architecture in Tainan.

Here's an article of mine from 2006 about industrial heritage sites being repackaged as tourist attractions.

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